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Ziebart's Tips To Help You Sell Your Car

Apr 25, 2014

With the warmer weather, you’ll start to notice more cars on the side of the road for sale. This is because spring and summer are great times to sell vehicles. Cars stay cleaner longer, people spend more time outside and vehicles can be displayed in high visibility areas.

If you’re looking to sell your car or truck and upgrade, here are some simple and cost effective things that you can do to attract more attention and maybe even increase its value.

  • It's all About the Details

    A shiny, newer looking vehicle will attract more eyes than a grimy and stained vehicle. We recommend that you have your car professionally detailed at your local Ziebart. A complete detailing at Ziebart will meticulously go over every area of your vehicle, restoring its original shine and giving it a "like new" feeling.
  • Add Some Character

    A great way to make your vehicle more attractive to potential buyers is by having the windows tinted. A Ziebart Window Tint comes in a variety of different shades. Your local Ziebart dealer will help you pick out the shade that adds the perfect amount of character to your vehicle. An added benfit of window tinting is that it will block out 99% of harmful UV rays and keep the vehicle cooler in the warmer months.
  • Eliminate the Rust

    Older cars, if not properly protected from the start, can accumulate rust. A treatment of Ziebart Rust Eliminator will react with the rust, neutralizing the corrosion and prevent it from progressing. Since Ziebart is the oldest and most trusted name in the rust protection industry, this treatment can actually act as a selling point for the vehicle and add value to it.
  • Get Rid of Chips

    Windshield chips are a big safety hazard and can be a big detractor for potential buyers. If the chip turns into a crack, the windshield will have to be replaced; that can be expensive. If the car you're selling has any chips in the windshield, be sure to have the chips repaired. A Ziebart Chip Repair will prevent chips from forming into crack. Our Chip Repair is fast, simple and is often times covered by your car insurance.

For other ways to make your car more attractive to potential buyers and add value to it, take it to your local Ziebart. Our trained technicians will be able to assess the vehicle and let you know the best course of action! We wish you the best of luck!