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Remote Starter Installation

Getting into an uncomfortably hot or cold vehicle can be an awful way to start your day. Heating or cooling your vehicle before your commute can also be a challenge, requiring you to get up early, trudge out to your car, and leave your keys in the ignition.

A remote starter installation will change all of that, allowing you to get your vehicle ready to drive, no matter the weather conditions; all from the comfort of indoors.

Your Trusted, Professional Source

Although there are a lot of companies offering remote starter installations for “low, low prices,” it can be hard to know what you are (or aren’t) getting for that reduced price. Quite often, the price advertised is for a model that does not include many of the things you should look for in a remote starter installation, such as a remote door lock, panic/horn, car locator, additional remotes, and more. 

At Ziebart, our motto is “No Ups, No Extras, No Hidden Fees!” This means that the price we quote will be for a high-quality remote starter installation that fits your exact needs.

Remote Starter Options

Options that can be included in your remote starter installation are:
  • Additional remote transmitters
  • Smartphone control
  • Door lock and unlock - even one-button remotes can be programmed to lock and unlock your vehicle
  • Trunk release - a simple convenience when your hands are full
  • Panic button - draw attention to your car should you feel the need
  • Valet mode - allow your mechanic to work on the vehicle safely by shutting down the alarm system and remote starter functions
  • Car locator - prompts your horn and flashes the lights
  • Extended range - enjoy a greater remote starting distance

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Options for Every Need

Additional options include two-way paging (you can communicate with your vehicle via your remote to find out the status of your vehicle’s interior temperature, battery strength, and more) as well as functions such as open/close doors, hoods, and locks.

Get Back on the Road Faster

For those looking to increase range, Ziebart has remote car starter options that can reach upwards of 3 miles, allowing you to heat or cool your vehicle from inside the mall, at work, or at the store – wherever you happen to be. 

To get your remote car starter, visit your local Ziebart and speak with one of our experts.


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Gift Cards

Give the gift of "that new car feeling" with a Ziebart gift card. Whether it's for a clean interior, glossy paint finish, tinted windows, a remote starter or any of our other product and service offerings, a Ziebart gift card is a present that anyone is sure to enjoy.