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Running Boards and Side Steps

Although higher vehicle elevation gives you a commanding view of the road, it can also make getting in and out of your vehicle a challenge.

Ziebart has a variety of Step Bars, Running Boards, and Side Steps to help you get in and out of your vehicle in style. 

Our factory trained and certified experts can help you choose the right accessories to meet the function and style needs of your truck, van, or SUV. Ziebart accessories come in custom fitted options, specifically for the make and model of your vehicle, in addition to a wide variety of colors to match your vehicle flawlessly.

So, the next time you take the kids, pets, or grandparents for a ride in your lifted truck, let Ziebart give you and your passengers a step up!

What’s the best choice for my vehicle?

Side Steps:
Side Steps are a stylish choice if you are only looking for a step up in a single place but don’t want a large bar. Although Side Steps are small, they are durable and can be placed near the back of the cab for easy access. 

Running Boards:
Running Boards provide a solid, flat surface to step up and get you into your truck. They’re also great for when you are trying to reach into the bed and roof area of your truck. Running Boards are available at your local Ziebart in a fixed, or a powered style. Running Boards can remain out and visible, or tuck under and only come out when you need them. 

Step Bars:
If you are looking for a more discreet look compared to a running board, consider a Step Bar, which is round or oval in shape and comes in a stainless or steel option. 

Running Boards differ from Step Bars because they:

- Offer more ground clearance for lower vehicles
- Have a wider and flatter profile compared to Step Bars
- Mount relatively flush against the rocker panels

Step Bars differ from Running Boards because they:

- Creates an easier step on lifted vehicles
- Feature custom-positioned step pads
- Typically have a narrower width compared to Running Boards
- Leave extra space between the bar and the vehicle

Still unsure which accessory is best for you? Contact your local Ziebart today and we will make sure your next step is on a solid, durable accessory.


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