Services Available from Ziebart

Extend the life of the vehicle you love with the wide array of services offered at your local Ziebart. We’ve got everything you need to keep your vehicle like new for as long as you own it. 

Auto Detailing

Ziebart’s auto detailing solutions provide your vehicle with a high quality, hands-on cleaning experience. Whether it’s renewing your vehicle’s outer appearance, disinfecting the inside, or preserving its leather and fabric - we’ve got you covered.


Paint Correction

Don’t live with unsightly cosmetic flaws in your vehicle’s finish. With our Paint Restoration solutions, we remove unpleasant scratches, haziness, swirls, and deep, stubborn paint impurities for a silky-smooth, glossy finish.


Paint Protection

From road debris to the wear and tear of everyday driving, any number of things can put a blemish on your car’s perfect exterior. Ziebart’s paint correction process will remove oxidation, haze, fine scratches, and swirl marks. It also removes etching caused by things such as bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain and industrial fall-out.  


Window Tint

Take your vehicle's appearance to the next level with our durable, scratch-resistant, high quality window tint films. Ziebart films decrease glare, protect from UV rays, and reject heat, providing you with a more comfortable and stylish driving experience.


Rust Protection

Our specially designed and patented tools apply coating where your vehicle needs it the most, including all the hidden areas other service providers might miss. This means your vehicle will be completely protected from rust with a full repair warranty to support it.



Undercoating helps prevent moisture and other compounds from getting into exposed areas on the underside of your vehicle and causing damage. Our process ensures the most exposed part of your vehicle is  safe from wear and corrosion.


Spray-on Bed Liner

Spray-On Bed Liner is a rugged, non-skid coating that bonds directly to your truck bed, forming an airtight layer that’s abrasion and impact-resistant, and will protect against rust and corrosion. This lining is environmentally friendly, solvent-free, and will stand up to most petroleum products, fertilizers, and chemicals.


Truck & Automotive Accessories

Customize your vehicle with accessories to make your ride unique and functional. Ziebart offers a variety of options to make your vehicle look and do as much as it can, including truck caps/toppers, step bars, vent visors, floor liners, seat covers, and more.


Auto Glass

Ziebart uses the latest technology and materials to quickly and efficiently replace your vehicle’s cracked windshield or glass. We are committed to meeting all OEM, safety, and regulatory standards, and have a proven track record for delivering quality work.