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Tonneau Covers

We know your truck works as hard as you do, so why not protect it?

That’s where Ziebart comes in with a wide selection of Tonneau Covers that will protect your truck and cargo from the elements, while adding security and a whole lot of style. 

Our factory trained and certified experts can help you pick the tonneau cover that best fits your lifestyle and needs. Tonneau covers are customizable and come in several different types. 

Which Tonneau Cover is Best for Me?

Soft Folding Cover – Easy as 1-2-3. Flip the cover back to get access to anything in your truck bed. This cover is composed of folds that make for a quick and easy in-and-out. 

Hard Folding Cover – Get the added security and durability of a hard folding tonneau cover while maintaining the ease of use and installation.

Soft Rollup – Drop the tailgate, pull the cable, and roll up the cover for 100% access to the bed of your truck. Locking mechanisms keep your load secured when the cover is down. With a low-profile design, this cover will not reduce visibility when looking out the rear of your truck. 

Hard Rollup
– Added durability and security make a hard rollup tonneau cover ideal for you and your truck. 

One Piece
– Keep your truck looking snazzy while providing it with the ultimate protection. This classic tonneau cover is comprised of a single piece of fiberglass that will keep your cargo sealed and protected from foul weather. One-piece covers are available in different color options to match your truck for extra style. 

Retractable – Get the ultimate in protection with a retractable tonneau cover. Made from metal or a hardened composite material, tonneau retractable covers offer outstanding protection from theft and rough weather while giving you truck a polished look.

Toolbox Tonneau Covers – Get the most out of your truck with a toolbox tonneau cover. This tonneau cover comes with a specially designed toolbox that will help you maximize your truck’s versatility and keep you ready for the next job. 
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Still unsure of which tonneau cover is best for your truck? Contact your local Ziebart today and we will help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

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