Truck toolbox

Truck Toolboxes

Some say there are two things you should never leave the house without: your truck and your tools. If this is your philosophy, then a truck-installed toolbox is an absolute must-have. Keep your expensive tools, accessories, and other essentials organized and secure in a weather-tight toolbox from your local Ziebart.

Choosing your Truck Toolbox

Select Your Style
  • Top-Mounted: Located behind the cab, this toolbox style features a combination of different storage compartments.
  • Side-Mounted: Designed in different sizes, this toolbox is fitted onto the inner rail of your truck bed, either alone or in pairs.
  • Crossbed toolboxes: Designed much closer to being one-size-fits-all, these boxes rest between the sides of the bed, like a bridge.
  • Hitch Mounts: Lock onto the trailer post in the back of your truck, this toolbox style takes up no extra room.
  • Trailer Tongue boxes: Great for pulling a trailer and adding to your overall storage space.
Safety & Security Features
  • Make sure you have a box with a lid that locks tightly and drawers that don't slide or detach too easily.
  • A good toolbox should be well constructed. Most styles are aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.
    • Aluminum: The most popular material for toolboxes. Aluminum is tough, budget-friendly, lightweight, and rust-proof.
    • Steel: The second most popular because it’s tough but also heavier and more prone to rusting when scratched.
    • Stainless Steel: More costly than the first two options, stainless steel is structurally tough and rust resistant. However, it is not entirely corrosion resistant and needs to be maintained and protected in environments near saltwater.
  • Make sure the Toolbox has a sophisticated locking mechanism, inset latches, and is firmly attached to the truck itself so you can be confident leaving your tools in your truck. 
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Let a Ziebart expert help you find the best size for your truck’s make and model. Contact your local Ziebart to find the right truck toolbox for your needs!

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