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Avoid Car Lease Turn-in Fees with Ziebart

Did you know that about one-third of vehicles sold in the United States are leased? While leasing can save you money with low monthly payments, expenses can easily occur at the end of your lease if you aren’t careful.

By protecting your leased vehicle and planning to take care of any major issues, you can avoid many of the common lease turn-in fees.

To learn more about what dealers look for, check out our in-depth blog on lease turn-in fees.


How to Help Avoid Lease Turn-In Fees

  • Have Inner-Guard® Plus applied, the all in one treatment provided once a year that includes:
    • Fabric Protection to protect against stains in the fabric.
    • Leather conditioner to keep leather soft and free of cracking.
    • Ziebart Germ Defender® to protect you and your family against a wide assortment of bacterial strains and illnesses including Staph, E. Coli, Ringworm, Mildew, Salmonella, Listeria, Fungi and more!
  • Have Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film applied to key areas like the bumpers, fenders, door edges and hood to prevent dings, scratches, scrapes, and scuffs
  • Get your vehicle detailed bi-annually for a deep cleaning that will help restore its surfaces
Paint Protection Film
Fabric Protection

What Should I Expect When Turning in My Lease?


While normal wear-and-tear during a two or three-year lease is acceptable and even expected, excessive wear or damage may result in repair fees being charged.

To determine if their vehicle has excessive wear and tear, people will oftentimes perform what is known as a “credit card test.” Typically, if the damage can be covered up by a standard credit card, it could be considered normal wear and tear (although this is at the discretion of the dealership).

Protect My Lease Today

Being proactive now can save you later. Contact your local Ziebart to set up an appointment.

Ziebart Financing

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