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Fender Flare Accessory Options

Fender flares are one of the most useful aftermarket accessories for trucks, Jeeps and SUV’s on the market today. They provide protection from dirt and debris while also adding visual appeal to your vehicle. 

Choose the Right Fender Flares for Your Truck

To choose the fender flares that make the most sense for your truck, first determine why you need them. Are they for looks? Utility? Both? The answers to these questions should play a large role in what style and design you end up selecting.

  • Pick your style
    • OEM Style: Designed specifically to match the stock trim of your vehicle, OEM Style fender flares complete your vehicle’s  customized look by adding more emphasis to the wheels as well as providing protection from road debris ejected from tire spin.
    • Street Style: Attaching easily to the wheel wells of your vehicle, Street Style fender flares give a sleek-yet-tough appearance. They are custom-fitted for a wide range of vehicles, protecting from some of the harshest conditions and standing up to years of use.
    • Pocket/Bolt Style: Pocket-Style fender flares are some of the most popular, providing extra wheel coverage to your vehicle with the extra-tough looking style of rivets. They are designed for specific makes and models of trucks and SUVs, allowing them to remain flexible in extremely cold temperatures and warp-resistant under the blazing sun.
    • Extended Style: Extended style fender flares offer the same type of protection as the pocket/bolt style, but without the rugged aesthetic. These are the fender flares you get when you need serious road debris coverage, but you want the look to be more subtle.

Contact your local Ziebart to choose the best custom-fit Fender Flares for your truck, Jeep, or SUV. 

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