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High Quality Z-Gloss® Ceramic Paint Finishing

Give your paint a stunning shine and protection that lasts for years.

Get the best performing protection product on the market: Z-Gloss® Ceramic Paint Coating by Ziebart. Backed by a ten-year warranty, Z-Gloss® Ceramic adds a layer of protection that gives your vehicle a “new car” vibrancy and shine. This high-quality, high-gloss finish is resistant to chemicals, acid rain, UV rays, light scratches, and extreme temperatures. Z-Gloss® Ceramic Paint Coating is also hydrophobic (water resistant) and repels dirt and debris, making your car easier to clean and looking its best every day. 

Cadillac with Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating
City reflection with Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating

Ten-year Warranty

Ziebart’s Z-Gloss® Ceramic Paint Coating comes with an industry-leading ten-year limited warranty. We'll inspect it once a year to ensure that your vehicle’s paint maintains the long-lasting benefits of our high gloss protection.

Be Envied on the Road

Contact your local Ziebart to learn more about the Z-Gloss® Ceramic Paint Coating and how we can help keep your vehicle protected with a glossy shine you’ll love.  

Ziebart Financing

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Gift Cards

Give the gift of "that new car feeling" with a Ziebart gift card. Whether it's for a clean interior, glossy paint finish, tinted windows, a remote starter or any of our other product and service offerings, a Ziebart gift card is a present that anyone is sure to enjoy.