Summer Road Trip Car Protection Tips

July 21, 2022

Summer Road Trip Car Protection Tips

Summer is in full swing, which means you probably have a few trips under your belt by now with more on the way. Whether you’re going out of state to visit family and friends, taking a trip to the beach, or spending a long weekend at the campground, being on the road can do a number on the interior and exterior of your vehicle, especially when hot weather is involved. Here are a few things you can do to better protect your car or truck while it’s getting a little bit of extra use before the cooler weather sets in.


Interior Detailing

Summer_Road_Trip_Blog_Img_2There are benefits to making sure your ride is in good shape before taking off on your next adventure. Not only will you start your trip out with a clean slate after an interior detailing, but you can rest assured that your friends and family are spending time in a safe and healthy environment that’s prepared for whatever the trip may bring.

-Fabric Protection: Adding fabric protection onto your interior detailing will ensure that the fibers of your vehicle are thoroughly coated, helping to keep your interior safe from dirt, grease, and stains that won’t be able to break through and set in.

-Leather Conditioner: For those of you with leather interiors, Ziebart offers a leather conditioner that’s specially formulated to restore leather seats and surfaces. It’ll also prevent changes to color and texture from sun and heat exposure.

-Germ Defender®: Keeping you and your family safe is our number one priority, which is why Ziebart developed Germ Defender®. It’s non-toxic, odorless, lasts up to 90 days, and minimizes your exposure to germs and bacteria. Germ Defender® acts like a microscopic bed of nails, puncturing the cell walls of microbes and stopping germs in their tracks.


Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating

Sun exposure, especially while out on the road for an extended period of time, is unavoidable. Over time the sun’s UV rays will cause your vehicle’s paint to dull and fade from oxidation, but with Ceramic Z-Gloss®, your car will be protected from those harmful rays. It also acts as a shield against environmental elements like pollen, bug remnants, and bird droppings – all of which work to break down your vehicle’s clearcoat – while repelling water, dirt, and debris, making your vehicle much easier to clean.

Z-Shield® Paint Protection

Similar to a screen protector for your phone, Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film protects the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle from stone chips, light scratches, bug remnants, and bird droppings. The film adheres to your vehicle’s paint without impacting its appearance or color and can easily be wrapped around the curved surfaces of mirrors or bumpers.

Window Tint

Not only does window tint quickly and easily enhance the look of your vehicle, but it also provides an added layer of safety against lurking eyes while your vehicle is parked and full of luggage and other valuable road trip essentials. Window tint will help to shield you and your vehicle’s interior from the harsh sunlight while providing excellent heat rejection and up to 99% UV ray protection.

After Your Trip

Complete Detailing

Summer_Road_Trip_Blog_Img_1A professional interior and exterior detailing once you get back from your travels will help rid your car or truck of any food crumbs, leftover dirt or sand, and mysterious smells that could leave the inside and outside of your vehicle looking and feeling less than fresh after a road trip.

Trips with friends and family take a lot of coordinating, but the protection and cleanliness of your vehicle doesn’t have to be an added stressor. The trained and certified professionals at your local Ziebart store are here to help. Schedule your appointment today!

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