Everything You Need to Know About Window Tint

May 11, 2022

Getting your vehicle’s windows tinted is a quick and easy way to change up the look of your vehicle, but aside from adding to the sleek factor of your car or truck, did you know that window tint also offers up a variety of benefits? One size doesn’t always fit all – Ziebart offers different types of window tint film in a wide range of shades to meet your every need.

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The Benefits of Window Tinting

While aesthetics are certainly important, there are also benefits to getting your windows tinted that can help protect yourself, your passengers and your vehicle. Window tint…

-Reduces interior fading: Your vehicle is constantly exposed to sunlight, which fades its interior fabric, leather, and plastic surfaces. Window tint works to block out the sun’s harmful rays, preventing your interior from fading, cracking or peeling.

-Protects your skin: The sun’s harmful UV rays are everywhere, and you aren’t immune to them when you’re driving in your car. Our window tint film blocks up to 99% of UV rays, helping to keep you and your passengers safe from sun damage while out on the road.

-Reduces the amount of heat in your vehicle: The temperature in your car can reach triple digits on a moderately warm day, and it’s more than enough to burn your skin when you get into your vehicle once the hot summer weather kicks in. Window tint film can reduce the heat in your vehicle by up to 58%, keeping your car insulated from the summer sun and the cold of winter

-Increases privacy: Window tint makes it harder for nosy passersby to take a look at what’s inside of your vehicle, protecting any important personal items, technology, equipment, and whatever else you may keep in your car or truck when you’re not in it.

Different Types of Window Tint

We offer a few different types of window tint film in a wide range of shades to help you enhance the look and feel of your vehicle…

-Performance Dyed Series (PD): This window tint film is premium-dyed and comes in shadow color to match factory tint. It’s non-reflective in appearance and is available in up to 6 shades.

-High Performance Metalized Series (HP): This metalized window tint film combines style with high performance to not only act as a shield from the sun, but it also provides excellent heat rejection to help keep your vehicle cooler on hot days. HPM series window tint film provides 99% UV ray protection and is very durable with a superior scratch-resistant coating. It’s reflective in appearance and is available in up to 7 shades to match factory tint.

-Nano Ceramic Performance Series (NCP): This window tint film combines the latest in window tint technology with the best in performance. The best window tint film available today, NCP series window tint film offers the ultimate heat rejection at 58% and has a non-reflective shadow color that’s available in up to 8 shades.

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Window Tint Laws

Each state, or even regions within a state, have their own set of laws when it comes to window tinting. Call your local Ziebart to speak with a sales professional or technician about your options. Our professional window tint installers will know your local window tint laws well.

If you want a smooth and seamless finish for your window tint, free of bubbles, peeling or cracking, a professional window tint application by a certified technician at your local Ziebart is the way to go. Schedule your appointment today!

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