How Can Ziebart Help During the Vehicle Chip Shortage?

August 16, 2021
If you've driven by any car dealerships recently, you’ve probably noticed how sparse their lots are. With a reduced inventory of new vehicles and a 10-28% increase in car prices due to the chip shortage, it’s no wonder new vehicle purchases have slowed down; but Ziebart is here to help you and your current vehicle withstand the storm. 

Empty Car Dealership


Experts say the car inventory crunch will likely get worse before it gets better, and with the average length of vehicle ownership increasing to a record 12.1 years now*, it’s more important than ever to maintain your current vehicle while replacing it is out of reach. 


The chip shortage may be forcing consumers to keep their existing vehicles for longer periods of time, but Ziebart can help you get back that new car look and feel with our premium automotive appearance and protection services:  


Our genuine rust protection  gives new and used vehicles a reliable and effective defense against the harmful elements of the road and has a national limited full-repair warranty to back it up. Our trained and certified technicians apply a thick, abrasion-resistant sealant to the underside of your car or truck to protect it from road damage and seal out salt, dirt and moisture. Then, they apply a special sealant to all vulnerable areas – including the hood, all body panels and the trunk. This guarantees ongoing protection. 


A paint protection product like our Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating will have your car turning heads for years to come. After your vehicle’s paint is polished, three layers are applied to lock in, enhance and permanently protect the depth of the gloss. Ceramic Z-Gloss® is hydrophobic and resists scratches, UV light and chemicals – not to mention it also comes with a 10-year warranty. 


Window tint can quickly change the look and feel of your car or truck. It increases privacy for you and your passengers while reducing heat and UV rays, and we ensure a quality application free of peeling, bubbling or color changes. We also offer a variety of films to meet your specific needs. 


When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, you can’t forget about the interior. A Ziebart interior detailing is designed to remove tough stains, disinfect surfaces and kill 99% of germs – thoroughly cleaning your car or truck. You can rest easy knowing that your family is traveling in a safe and heathy environment.  



No matter how long you originally planned on keeping your vehicle for, let Ziebart help you extend its life and keep it looking like new – through the chip shortage and beyond – with these services and more. 


*Source: Auto Care Association 


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