How Do I Protect My Vehicle from Rust and Corrosion? 

July 13, 2021

As much as vehicles have improved over the years, one thing remains constant – they still rust and corrode. To best protect the investment you’ve made in your car or truck, it’s important to understand what you can do to extend the life of your vehicle and increase its resale value. Rust protection and paint protection services are still absolute must-haves. Rust and corrosion aren’t going away any time soon; be proactive and stop the damage before it ever starts. 

Safeguard Your Paint

Rock chips and scratches can slice through your vehicle’s paint, exposing bare metal underneath. These paint-free spots can begin to rust and corrode quicker than you think, especially come wintertime, so we recommend adding another layer of protection to your paint as soon as possible. Not only does a paint coating like our Ceramic Z-Gloss® give your vehicle a “new car” vibrancy and shine, it also adds a layer of protection that’s resistant to impacts, chemicals, acid rain, UV rays, light scratches and extreme temperatures. Ceramic Z-Gloss® is hydrophobic, repels dirt and debris, and comes with a ten-year limited warranty.

Ceramic Z-Gloss

Our Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film functions similarly to how a screen protector does on your phone. It’s optically clear and easily wraps around mirrors and bumpers to prevent scratches, scrapes and chips from occurring in the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle’s paint. It won’t stain or fade, and it won’t affect the appearance or color of your car or truck.

Z-Shield Paint Protection Film

Rust Protection is a Must

We often get asked, “Does rust proofing really work?” and the short answer to that is yes. Ziebart’s genuine rust protection is the first line of defense to protect the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) integrity of your vehicle, shielding it from road salt, dirt and moisture.

Our process involves sealing the inside of your vehicle’s upper body panels with Ziebart’s exclusive rust protection coating, which guarantees ongoing protection against rust for both newer and older vehicles.

Keeping your vehicle’s underside free of corrosion and damage is also vital to its structural integrity – this is where undercoating comes into play.

What exactly is Ziebart undercoating? Our undercoating is a thick, abrasive-resistant sealant that’s applied to the underside of your vehicle. It helps to prevent moisture and damaging compounds from getting into the exposed areas of the underside of your car, truck or SUV, keeping your investment protected.

Rust Protection

After your vehicle is treated with genuine Ziebart rust protection and undercoating, your local Ziebart store will inspect it once a year, respraying it as necessary.

Contact your local Ziebart today for more expert recommendations on how to keep your vehicle protected and rust-free for as long as you own it.

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