Protect Your Car & Your Pet on Summer Road Trips

June 04, 2021

“Wanna go for a ride?” When you ask your dog this question, chances are they’re going to be excited. After all, they’re not only getting a chance to get out of the house; they’re also traveling with their favorite person – you!  

The Gorgeous Freya!

Ziebart recently teamed up with Pet Supplies Plus to launch the #CoPilotPets campaign, which celebrates our furry friends’ excitement to ride the open road with their best friends. Pet parents can win a free Inner-Guard PLUS interior detailing from Ziebart, as well a gift basket with summer travel products and a $100 gift card for Pet Supplies Plus. For a chance to win, simply post a short video of your pet reacting to the phrase: “Wanna go for a ride?”  You must post the video to Instagram with the hashtag #CoPilotPets and then follow both @PetSuppliesPlus and @ZiebartUSA on Instagram. The contest ends June 20, 2021.

To prepare for your summer adventure with your pet, we’ve compiled some tips to help protect your car from messes caused by your favorite co-pilot:

  • Pet prep: To help ensure the least amount of wear and tear on your vehicle, you can prepare by making sure your pet is groomed before you go. This will remove any loose particles or excess fur before it gets woven into your vehicle’s fabric. Before your road trip, you might want to stock up on grooming products to take along. For leather interiors, make sure your pet’s nails are trimmed to help prevent unnecessary scratching or damage to your seats. 
  • Interior Protection: Another precautionary measure you should take is adding fabric protection for your interior. Once applied, this compound preserves your fabric and upholstery, keeping it safe from pet stains. Ziebart Fabric Protection also makes clean-up quick and effortless because our compound locks in the fibers of your vehicle's fabric surface, so your pet’s messes cannot penetrate and leave a lasting stain. 
  • Temperature Control: Although pets oftentimes love laying in the sun, UV rays and heat can be harmful, especially on long car rides where it can be hard to find shade and have water available. Window tint not only protects from dangerous UV rays, but also greatly reduces heat throughout the vehicle, especially where the cool air doesn’t easily reach. 
  • Be prepared: Our pet co-pilots like to keep us on our toes, often surprising us with anything from car sickness to christening our vehicle as their new bathroom. Along with fabric protection, being prepared with an airtight trash bag, paper towel and a pack of disinfectant wipes will tide you over until you can get home and get your vehicle over to your nearest professional detailer.
  • Protect the paint: Another way to keep your vehicle protected from Fido’s scratches is to consider a paint protection film on your car’s door sills, rockers and rear bumper. Professionally installed, it will protect against scratches from your pup’s nails as they enter and exit the vehicle.
  • Post trip: Your pet has now channeled their inner ‘80s movie and had ‘the time of their life’ on their road trip - evident by the enormous amounts of fur, slobber, mud, sand and snack particles they’ve left behind. Now it’s time for a professional interior detailing to remove all those remnants and get your vehicle looking and smelling like new again. 


Keeping your car protected while Rover is with you will give you peace of mind so you can focus on the ride. Safe travels!

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