Top 7 Window Tint Myths

May 12, 2021
Window tint is in demand now more than ever, but there are still many misconceptions about it. Here, our experts debunk several popular myths about window tint so you'll have the most accurate intel as you upgrade your vehicle this summer.

Top 7 Window Tint Myths:  

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1. Tinted windows are too dark  

2. All window tint films are the same  

3. You can’t properly clean your windows after getting them tinted  

4. Window tint is only for cosmetic purposes  

5. Window tint will eventually bubble, crack, or lose its color  

6. Window tint film makes your car windows unbreakable  

7. Tinted windows will lower the resale value of your vehicle  

Window tint is one of our most popular services for the summer months, but even still we hear a ton of misconceptions about it. Don’t let these myths dissuade you from upgrading your vehicle this summer season and beyond… 

Tinted Windows Are Too Dark  

While the darkness of some window tint films may have made vehicle interiors look too dark and gloomy when they were first introduced, the opposite is true now. Window tint films have improved a lot over the years and work to block direct sunlight, cutting back on glare and allowing more natural light to take its place. There are also a variety of shade options to choose from to meet your needs. 

Your local Ziebart is up-to-date on the window tint laws in your area if you have any questions. 

All Window Tint Films Are the Same  

One size does not fit all when it comes to window tint films. They come in many different types and styles, which can be made from a variety of materials and serve different purposes. At Ziebart, we offer the following Performance Window Tint Films:  

PD – Premium Dyed Series: Ziebart PD series window tint film is a premium dyed film that provides a great look at a great price. It comes in shadow color to match factory tint, is non-reflective in appearance, and is available in six shades.  

HP – High Performance Metalized Series: Ziebart HPM series window tint film is a metalized film that combines style with high performance. This film not only provides a shield from the sunlight, but also has excellent heat rejection, keeping your vehicle cooler. HPM series film provides 99% ultraviolet ray protection, along with great durability and a superior scratch-resistant coating. It’s reflective in appearance and is available in seven shades to match factory tint. 

NCP – Nano Ceramic Performance Series: Ziebart NCP series window tint film combines the latest in window tint technology with the best in performance. It offers the best heat rejection and has a non-reflective shadow color that is available in eight shades.  

You Can’t Properly Clean Your Widows After Getting Them Tinted  

Tinted windows can be cleaned just like any other windows, but you’ll want to ask about any specific instructions for the film you choose. We always recommend using a microfiber towel and an ammonia-free glass cleaner. 

Window Tint Is Only for Cosmetic Purposes  

Vehicles with tinted windows do look sleek, but that isn’t the only reason you should consider tinting your car or truck’s windows. Certain window tint films can block 99.9% of UV rays, like our HPM series, and they can provide up to 58% heat rejection. Not only will this help keep you and your passengers safe, but it will prevent your vehicle’s interior from fading too.  

Window Tint Will Eventually Bubble, Crack, or Lose Its Color  

While I’m sure we’ve all seen cars with bubbled, cracked and faded purple window tint, that has everything to do with the quality of film being used and the way it was installed. Having your vehicle’s windows tinted by the professionals at Ziebart will ensure a smooth and bubble-free application that won’t fade over time.  

Window Tint Film Makes Your Car Windows Unbreakable  

Window tint film won’t prevent your car windows from breaking, but its adhesive is strong enough to hold the broken pieces of a window together in the event of a car accident or an attempted theft. People might not consider this when looking into window tint film for their vehicle, but it can help reduce the chance of injury in the event of a crash, and even deter thieves with the added privacy that it provides. 

Tinted Windows Will Lower the Resale Value of Your Vehicle  

Unless the window tint film on your vehicle is low quality or wasn’t professionally installed, it won’t hurt the resale of your car or truck at all. In fact, having window tint film on your vehicle could help increase its resale value because of the added benefits that come with shielding the interior from the sun’s harmful UV rays. If you disagree, you can always have it removed and let the next owner make their own decision. 

Contact Ziebart today to learn more about the window tint film options available to you and to schedule an appointment before summer.   

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