Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle “Doggone” Clean

August 26, 2020

In celebration of National Dog Day and the furry friends we just can’t leave at home, Ziebart has put together some helpful tips for keeping your vehicle clean after your favorite furball has left their mark!

Cute dog in a truck

Before the Ride

To help ensure the least amount of wear and tear on your vehicle, you can prepare by first making sure your pup is brushed. This will remove any loose particles or excess fur before it gets woven into your car’s fabric. Don’t worry, leather owners – we haven’t forgotten about you. Making sure that your dog’s nails are trimmed prior to having them ride in the car will help prevent unnecessary scratching or damage to your seats. (Seat repair = $$$.)

Another precautionary measure you can take is to purchase a seat protector. These typically repel water and can protect against scratches, spills and other unforeseen damage.

Our precious pooches like to keep us on our toes, often surprising us with anything from car sickness to christening our vehicle as their new bathroom. Being prepared with an airtight trash bag, paper towel and a pack of disinfectant wipes will tide you over until you can get home and give it a good cleaning or take it to your nearest professional detailer.

Another way to keep your vehicle protected from Fido’s scratches is to consider a paint protection film on your car’s door sills, rockers and rear bumper. Professionally installed, it will protect against scratches from your pup’s nails as they enter and exit the vehicle.

Ziebart is Celebrating National Dog Day

After the Ride

Your dog has now channeled their inner ‘80s movie and had “the time of their life;” this is evident by the enormous amounts of fur, slobber and snack particles they’ve left behind (dogs needs road trip snacks too!).

After removing any extra garbage from your vehicle, lint-roll extra dog hair before attempting to vacuum it up. This will help pick up the “first layer” of dog hair and keep your vacuum in better shape.

Next, use a disinfectant cleaner to remove slobber and stains from the entire cabin area. If you have tinted windows, make sure to use a non-ammonia-based glass cleaner on the windows to get rid of your dog’s nose art!

If you’d rather not do it yourself or are not satisfied with your DIY job, contact your local professional detailer to schedule an appointment. On average it will take just a few hours to deep clean, disinfect and help protect your vehicle from your fur baby’s car ride adventures.

Happy National Dog Day to our favorite companions!

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