Let’s Get It (Remote) Started

November 06, 2019

Looking out your window and seeing freshly fallen snow on a winter morning is a beautiful sight, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll change your mind about that as soon as you step outside to start your car. For this reason and more, Ziebart offers a variety of remote starter options to keep you warm and make sure your car functions properly during your commutes in the winter weather.

Comfort Is Key

No matter where it’s parked, your car isn’t exactly going to be warm after a night of sitting in freezing cold temperatures. With a remote starter, gone are the days of having to sit shivering inside a frigid vehicle hoping that it’ll warm up as you drive. Start your car from the comfort of your home, office, gym – you name it – and rest assured that your vehicle will be warmed up and ready to go as soon as you enter it.

Stay Safe Out There

Not only does a remote starter warm up the inside of your vehicle, but it also gives your car the time it needs to start defrosting your windshield and melt ice and snow accumulation. Warming up your vehicle ahead of time will dramatically decrease the time it takes to scrape your windows, and it’ll also help increase your visibility when you’re out on the road.

Keep Your Engine Warm

The cold weather affects your vehicle just as much as it affects you, maybe even more so. Engine oil is thicker when it’s cold, so running a car that hasn’t had enough time to warm up can be detrimental. Since a remote starter allows you to warm up your vehicle ahead of time, its engine will reach a more standard temperature well before you put your car in drive. Doing so will make the oil less viscous, and it’ll flow more easily through the engine’s parts.

Sure, remote starters are convenient; but they’re a worthy investment as well. You’ll use a remote starter often in the coming months to avoid commuting in an ice box, and think about how relieved you’ll be to get into a cooled off, air-conditioned vehicle when the summer heat rolls around again. Contact your local Ziebart for more information on the types of remote starters they can offer you.

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