Beat the Heat with Window Tint

April 11, 2019

Remember a few months back when there was snow on the ground, the sky was gray and all you wanted was for summer to be here? In a few short weeks your wish will come true, and the climbing temperature is proof of that. With the warmer weather comes hotter vehicles, and we aren’t sure what’s worse between getting into something that’s freezing cold, or something that’s hot enough to melt your skin. Lucky for you, we’re always here to help.

Maybe you’ve considered getting your car or truck’s windows tinted in the past (we get it, it looks REALLY COOL), but you weren’t sure where to start or you didn’t know if it was something you could justify. What if we told you we offered an affordable window tint that provides up to 58% heat rejection and 90% glare reduction? Would that make up your mind?

Our Nano Ceramic Performance Series (NCP) window tint film is a favorite among our customers. Not only does it help to greatly reduce the heat that’ll make its way into your vehicle while cutting way back on glare while you’re driving, but it also provides 99% UV protection! That alone makes us strong advocates for this window tint film, but if you aren’t sold yet it’s also signal-enabling for vehicle and mobile device signals, it’s scratch-resistant and it’s available in eight shades to match your factory tint.

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