The Importance of Getting an Interior Detailing in the Winter

January 08, 2019

By now it should come as no surprise that exposing your vehicle to the elements, which is entirely unavoidable, is detrimental over time. This is especially true in the winter months when salt starts to make an appearance on the roads. Getting an undercoating and rust protection, along with car washes and other preventative maintenance, ahead of taking your vehicle out on the road can help its exterior, but what about its interior?

No matter how hard you try, snow, ice, salt and other debris will make its way into your vehicle each time you step into it. An interior detailing in the winter will not only help to remove any dirt, stains and salt present on your carpeting, floor mats or even seats, but it will also help to prevent corrosion. Rock salt and salt brine are a necessary evil in many parts of the country to help keep us safe on snow-covered and icy roads, but if it’s left to sit in your vehicle for too long it can – and will – make its way through your flooring and will start eating away at it.

Other unwanted guests in your vehicle that become even more prevalent as temperatures drop are germs and bacteria. While they can’t be seen with the naked eye, they can have a huge impact on your vehicle’s interior by leaving you and your loved ones sick for weeks on end. Ziebart’s own Germ Defender® spray, used in our interior detailing process, is safe for pets and kids immediately after application and has an EPA approval to last a minimum of 90 days – no matter how often you and your family get in and out of your vehicle. You can rest assured that you’ll be protected from Staph, E. Coli, Ringworm, Salmonella, Listeria, Mildew, Fungi, and more during your wintertime travels and beyond.

Trust us, you’ll want to stay ahead of the salt corrosion and increased wintertime germs in your vehicle.

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