Start Winter the Right Way

November 27, 2018

Start Winter the Right Way

Are you ready to face the cold?

Something we can all probably relate to is that endless cycle of wanting what we can't have. Remember just a few months ago when you were wishing for relief from the hot, humid weather? Now I bet you'd do just about anything to get it back. Since we can't have our ideal weather at any given time, we figured offering remote car starters to ease the pain of winter would be a nice alternative.

Avoid being caught in the cold

The most obvious (and often times most important) reason behind getting a remote starter installed in your vehicle is for comfort. The walk to your car in the bitter cold is already bad enough, so why add to that misery by having to wait for your freezing cold car to heat up as you're shivering?

It's important for you to keep warm during the winter, and the same can be said for your engine. Freezing cold temperatures cause the fluids running through your engine to thicken, which makes it work twice as hard to achieve proper functionality. Not only will a remote starter help protect you this winter, but your engine will thank you as well!

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A year-round benefit of having a remote starter installed is the added safety and security. While some people assume that their vehicle's security lessens after having a remote starter installed, the exact opposite is true. Added features include an additional alarm, and if the incorrect key is in your car's ignition when the brake pedal is pressed the car will automatically shut off.

What are you waiting for? Have your remote car starter installed today to beat the wintertime rush.

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