You get what you pay for – Interior Car Cleaning

April 09, 2018

If you’re familiar with the idiom ‘you get what you pay for’ then you’re really going to appreciate what we’re about to get in to. There are three quantifiers to any service or good; quality, fast and cheap. With any service or good, you can only have two of those three quantifiers. This paradigm is more popularly known as the impossible triangle. The impossible triangle is a precise measurement when trying to figure out what exactly you’re going to get and at what cost. Join us in our journey as we navigate through the differences in interior detailing and try our best to explain why that idiom and those quantifiers are so important.

Car cleaning can mean many different things to many different people.

Some people believe a quick vacuum, dusting the dashboard and cleaning the windows once a year is cleaning their car. The cost for that is nothing. (Fast and cheap)

Some people believe taking their vehicle to an express car wash and having someone else to do a quick vacuum, dust their dash and clean the windows is having their car cleaned. Let’s estimate the cost for that around $30. (Fast and cheap)

Some people visit their local auto detailer shops, leave their car there overnight or for a few days, and that is what they imagine having their car cleaned entails. We’re not knocking the local auto detailer shops, but they don’t possess the tools and systems that we own. Some of these places do great work, honestly, we’ve seen it for ourselves. The problem is they’re often shorthanded and operated by one owner, meaning it takes additional time to get the job done. Typically, they offer a lower price, let’s say around $50-70. (Quality and cheap)

Then we have the folks that want a professional interior car cleaning without having to wait to have their cars returned to them. These people contact their local Ziebart to get the job done. Pricing for our interior and exterior detailing packages differ from location to location, but one thing is for sure, this ain’t no $30 detailing. Don’t worry, it’s nowhere near a $300 detailing either. Thanks to our proprietary tools and detailing systems, our teams are able to produce a professional, high quality service at a proficient rate.  (Quality and fast)

What are those specialty tools, you may be asking? To ensure our customers get the best results each and every time, Ziebart has patented the Z-Central Detailing System which mixes each solution to the appropriate strength before passing them on to drops found on our Z-Central Detailing Dropdown (pictured below). This is an on-demand system, which automatically replenishes the mixed products as they are used, allowing for an incredibly detailed job to be performed at an incredibly efficient pace. Granted, it will still take a few hours for a complete detailing service, but there are no shortcuts being made, we’ve just figured out a way how to produce the same high quality service, quicker.

(Z-Central Detailing Dropdown)

(The whole kit and caboodle)



(The results speak for themselves!)

Our Z-Central Detailing Dropdown allows for all the necessary cleaning solutions and tools to be kept in one central location, making it easier on the technician to perform the service quicker. The Z-Central Detailing System feeds the Z-Central Detailing dropdown, allowing for precise measurements of cleaning solutions, eliminating time needed measure, mix, refill and replace. 

That’s just the start of the wonderful journey that is a complete interior car cleaning. The actual interior detailing service performed by our trained technicians is a 22-step-process designed to extract dirt, lift stains, and remove odors, ultimately disinfecting and rejuvenating the interior of your vehicle. (Check back with us in a few weeks if you want to read about each one of those 22 steps) Not a lot of people know this, but we also incorporate power washing and hand washing the outside of your vehicle as a part of the interior detailing package. You should expect a clean car upon pickup and we have every intention on delivering that to you.

You’re not going to get this kind of high quality, deep cleaning at a low price. We’re not shy about saying that either. We know the quality in which we clean and the pace at which we get the job done means a price higher than a $30 clean out. Remember, you can’t have all three angles of the impossible triangle. We’ll settle for high quality and fast service over the other options any day.

Don’t settle for less, get what you pay for.


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