Ziebart Adapting to new Car-less Drivers

March 30, 2018

Troy, MI – They say the times they are a changin’. Well, nothing is more evident of that than the new technology coming out centered on vehicles. We’re in constant amazement of progressive, solution providing advancements in our industry. Ideas that were once talked about in showrooms at auto shows are now coming to life. Not too long ago, we scoffed at companies being able to develop a way for drivers to navigate a vehicle without being at the helm. Enter driverless cars. Uber and Tesla have dabbled with these barrier shattering advancements in technology, but now a new challenge is being taken head on; car-less drivers.  

“We thought, if it’s possible for a car to drive itself, wouldn’t it be possible for a person to get around without a car?” said Ellen Musk.

He was then quickly asked, “Yeah, isn’t that basically just people walking around to get from place to place?”

Musk, after deep thought, retorted, “Wow, when you put it that way…”

With a new dawn on the horizon, automotive businesses around the globe are in a rush to adapt and mold their services to match this new profound idea. Ziebart is no different from any other company in the automotive business, now hitting the board rooms and putting on an extra pot of coffee, trying to figure out how to acclimate themselves to the new changes in technology.

“How about shoes?” posed our Marketing Director.

“I believe that’s already been done,” replied the Marketing Manager.

Yes, ideas were being tossed around like fish at the Boston Harbor.

“Okay, sure, but what if we cleaned those shoes after they had been used? Ya know? Provided them with a professional detailing service?” asked the Graphic Designer.

“You mean like a shoe shining business or a tailor?” answered the Videographer.

This is truly a pivotal moment in Ziebart’s history. As the days progress and car-less drivers become closer and closer a reality, you can be sure that the leaders in automotive appearance and protection services will once again find a way to adapt.


“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

- Socrates

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