What happens to my windshield when it’s chipped?

January 09, 2018

  Let’s start this off by saying that if your windshield is chipped, you need to go get it fixed; right now. Don’t wait, your windshield isn’t going to magically repair itself. Call your insurance company, get more information, or even contact your local Ziebart dealer. Deductibles are sky rocketing, some going as high as $500, so don’t make a complete windshield replacement your solution. Many insurance providers cover the cost of chip/crack repair and our stores will work with your insurance provider to get that chip fixed before it becomes a bigger issue.

  Okay, now that we’ve made our point, let’s talk about a few reasons as to why it is so important to get the chip fixed before it becomes a crack.

  1. The replacement windshield is not as strong as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) windshield.
    You’ve gone on carrying about, and now that chip has turned into a crack that has spread across your entire windshield. Congratulations, you need to have the entire windshield replaced now. The replacement windshield you’ll have installed from an auto glass service provider may use aftermarket glass, which legally, will never be the exact same as the OEM or car manufacturer’s windshield. The windshield that is installed into your vehicle when your vehicle is made was created from a company that was contracted by your car manufacturer to fit the mold of your windshield exactly. Also, be aware that the installation of a new windshield is just as important, if not more important than the windshield itself. Auto glass replacement means glass that is cut and caulked to fit your windshield, while the installation at the factory is automated and programmed to the exact specifications of your vehicle.  Get that chip fixed.

  2. The structural integrity of your windshield has been compromised. 

    Accidents happen and car manufacturers are well aware of that fact. It’s their responsibility to ensure safety ratings and do their best to protect their customers in case of an accident. Windshields are designed with that in mind. When the passengers side airbag deploys during an accident, the windshield acts as a backboard to stop the airbag from flying out of the vehicle. When there is damage to the windshield, or the windshield has been replaced, that backboard is compromised. Severely damaged or poorly installed replacement glass can lead to that backboard, along with the airbag, popping out during an accident. Get that chip fixed. 

  3. Reduced or impaired visibility.
  4. This one is a no-brainer really. Depending on the depth, size, and location of the crack, it can disrupt the driver’s vision. It is illegal in some states to operate your vehicle with a windshield crack that is disrupting your vision. We don’t have to tell you that your vision is impaired while driving, you probably already have a good idea about that if your windshield is cracked. There is a way to stop that chip from becoming a crack. You guessed it, get that chip fixed.


The longer you wait, the worse that chip becomes. Your local Ziebart dealer can help repair a chip as long as it is smaller than an inch, and they can help repair a crack as long as it is less than 12 inches long.  The fluctuating temperatures, snow, moisture and freezing/thawing is not making your windshield any better if it is already chipped or cracked.


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