Running out of time for Christmas Gifts?

December 08, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time for all of us to panic and shop online for gifts that we should have bought months ago, but didn’t, and now we have no idea what to do! Hooray! Forget the online shopping and hoping that gifts come in on time. Go to your local brick and mortar shops and support your local community. There are tons of amazing stores to visit all around you. Great gift ideas don’t have to arrive in 2-4 weeks!

One of those terrific places, and we aren’t being biased at all, would be your local Ziebart store. If we haven’t made you aware of the great amount of products and services available at your local store, then we apologize. However, now would be the time to really think about getting a gift card as a Christmas present. That gift card can be used on a number of services, including our Genuine Rust Protection, Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film, a remote starter, any kind of truck accessory or even our new Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating. We’re like a candy store for car enthusiasts!

The best part is, you get to pick your price! Our gift cards don’t come with preloaded amounts, so you can give the perfect gift this year at your convenience. Treat someone special with something special this year! 



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