Dominate your December with Rust Protection and Undercoating

December 01, 2017

With the spirit of the holiday season in full swing, we’re reminded of a simple premise when it comes to gift giving; give the gift that lasts. That’s exactly what our undercoating and rust protection services were built for. Since 1959, rust protection and undercoating have been the mainstay of our business and a huge reason we’ve been around for close to 60 years now. We’re constantly working on improving the formulas with new technologies and we are constantly being shown by our customers how much they love the two products.

We’ve seen cars with rust protection that have been around for as long as our company has been and those cars are still looking great. Trucks come in all the time for our undercoating service because truck owners understand the importance of maintaining structural protection and keeping their vehicles looking great for years to come.

See for yourself!

(This 1967 Bonneville has come in every year for the last 50 years for its rust protection maintenance and reapplication)

(Undercoating is a must for every truck and car!)

(Even the newer model trucks still rust!)

Cars still rust. Rust ruins cars. 

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