It’s Your Turn to Stand Out!

August 24, 2017

Ceramic Z-Gloss® Paint Coating is the best paint coating available anywhere. We’ve been testing it for over three years and the product is still protecting the paint on our test vehicles. The technology used in developing our Ceramic Z-Gloss Paint Coating allows for it to last longer than any other paint protection coating in the market today. Not only is it an awesome product for longevity purposes, but the shine given off once the service is completed is like nothing else out there. That’s because this is a labor intensive, deep cleaning, polishing, and gloss application that is second to none. We’re not just applying a product, we’re performing a service.

The Ceramic Z-Gloss Paint Coating process begins with thoroughly cleaning the vehicle. Then, polishing the vehicle’s paint to remove any imperfections. After that, we apply three layers; a water shedding primer foundation, a sealer to create an adhesive bonding and then the ceramic top coat that locks in and enhances the depth of your vehicle’s gloss. All of this allows for a scratch, UV, and chemical resistant gloss that requires ZERO waxing and ZERO yearly maintenance. Just get your car washed and let the Z-Gloss do the rest of the work!

To make things even better, we’re so confident in our new product that it comes with a warranty of up to seven years. Effectively guaranteeing that bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, UV rays, bugs, water droplets, dirt, small scratches, and whatever else the road has to throw at it will not affect the appearance and protection properties of our Ceramic Z-Gloss Paint Coating.

If you care about the longevity, look and value of your car, get the best in appearance and protections services. We’ve been in this industry for almost 60 years and have continued to perfect our formulas and services. Ceramic Z-Gloss Paint Coating is another example of our mission to provide the best products and services possible.  


Is it your turn to stand out?

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