Summer Road Trips

July 14, 2017

Taking to the road for those summer trips is always so fun and exciting. We pile into the car, set our destination and enjoy a great weekend of activities or relaxation. There is nothing better than taking off for a few days at the lake, or driving around seeing sites you’ve never seen before. Well, actually, the only thing better than taking off for a few days is doing it in a freshly cleaned out car. Remember, you should be fascinated by the sights from looking out your windows, not appalled by the smells coming from inside the car.

Save yourself time and have your vehicle professionally cleaned by our team. Our auto detailing services not only clean your car, but work to restore and protect your vehicle’s interior and exterior. If you’re worried about the mess left behind once the trip is over, we got you covered. Our Inner-Guard® PLUS is exactly what you’re looking for to get your car feeling like new again. 

Our Inner-Guard PLUS service is designed to provide a full complement of outstanding solutions for your vehicle all at once. It's a deep cleaning that also includes:

  • Ziebart Fabric Protection: an effective seal against unwanted staining that resists oil, grease, and a variety of liquids and makes cleaning up after a spill simple.
  • Ziebart Leather Conditioner: this protects your vehicle’s leather surfaces from cracking or fading, ensuring its color and soft feel for up to six months.
  • Ziebart Germ Defender®: protects against a number of germs, bacteria and microbes that lead to illnesses such as, E. Coli, Salmonella, H1N1 (Swine Flu), and more for up to three months.

Each of these products is dedicated to not only helping preserve your vehicle's interior, but also provides a clean setting for you and your family.

Dirty Interior
(No matter the mess!)

Clean Interior
(Freshen up before taking your family for a trip!)

Tell that dirt and those stains to hit the road!


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