This Summer’s BLOCKBUSTER Films!

June 22, 2017

“Truly, two incredible masterpieces of film that are wrought with innovation, creativity, empowerment and unique style”

- The New York Thymes


Of course, we are referring to our two favorites films; window tint and our Z-Shield Paint Protection® Film.

Window tint is absolutely phenomenal this summer with so many different performance films to highlight. First, is our Premium Dyed series. This film comes in shadow color to match factory tint. It is non-reflective in appearance and is available in six shades. Next, is our High Performance Metalized series. This is a metalized film that combines style with high performance. The HPM series film provides an excellent heat rejection with multi-layer construction. HPM series film is also 99% ultraviolet ray protected with an advanced scratch resistant coating. It is reflective in appearance and is obtainable in seven shades. Lastly, is the Nano Ceramic Performance series, or NCP. NCP is simply the best window tint film available! This series provides the best in heat rejection, but will not hinder your vehicle's connection to the outside world. It is a non-reflective shadow color and is available in eight shades. 5 stars definitely go to window tint for such high performance films!

The second film in the spotlight is our Z-Shield Paint Protection Film and what an amazing film this is! Z-Shield adheres to your vehicle’s paint without damaging the exterior or the paint color. The film is nearly invisible and is custom fitted to easily wrap around the curved surfaces of your vehicle. Z-Shield prevents against any scratches and scrapes that your vehicle may come across. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, Z-Shield is guaranteed to leave your vehicle looking as good as the day it was applied. You won’t have to worry about staining or fading either. This high quality film also deserves 5 stars! 

Find out what all the hype is about!

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