Do Something Different for Dad

June 15, 2017

It’s that time of the year when we show our fathers how much we love and appreciate them. Don’t feel tied down with the typical Father’s Day gifts, because we know your dad is one in a million. Get him something different this year; a Ziebart Gift Card! Every dad loves a clean and protected car. Dad has enough ties, coffee mugs and golf balls. So grab a gift card for that special man in your life and get him something he will appreciate fore sure!

With one of our gift cards, he can choose from rust protection to interior or exterior detailing and so much more. If your dad loves his car now, just wait until he sees what our professionals can do! So forget typical Father’s Day gifts and stop by your local Ziebart today.  Make sure whatever you get your dad this year puts a smile on that mug of his! 

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