Nothing is Stronger!

June 07, 2017

Do you want to keep your vehicle looking as shiny and spotless as the day you got it? Of course you do! Driving around in a newer looking ride and adding value to your vehicle is a no-brainer. Our Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection offers a top coat that protects the paint on your car or truck and restores that once, terrific shine.

First, a professional technician hand washes the vehicle and cleans every nook and cranny on the car’s exterior. Next, the car is polished to bring back that new car shine then Diamond Gloss is meticulously layered on to cover every inch of paint. With this kind of protection, the sun and it's damaging infrared and UV rays don't stand a chance. Diamond Gloss can endure up to 618 degrees of heat without melting! Simply put, Diamond Gloss is the toughest paint protection on the planet. Not only will your vehicle’s paint be protected, but it will also get back that new car shine. Just wait to see how many people you catch staring!

Diamond Gloss is so brilliant in its shine and resilient in its protection, that is has officially eliminated the need for you to ever wax your vehicle again. So, if you’re looking for paint protection that will not only protect your vehicle but give it that off-the-lot shine, look no further! The proof is in the pictures! 

Corvette Diamond Gloss

Corvette Diamond Gloss

Truck Diamond GLoss

Impala Diamond Gloss

Mustang Diamond Gloss

F150 with Diamond Gloss

Clean, restore and protect your vehicle’s paint by adding the toughest paint protection formula in the world. 


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