Short and Sweet

June 02, 2017
Keeping in theme with our new videos, we’ll keep this simple. These three featured services can all have a tremendous impact on your vehicle’s appearance. 

Hi-Speed Polishing-

Eliminate scratches and swirls as well as that cloudy/oxidized look form your vehicle’s paint. Check out Hi-Speed Polishing in 35 seconds:

Ziebart Hi-Speed Automotive Polishing

Inner-Guard® Plus -

The best protection you can possibly get, all in one treatment. Featuring our Germ Defender, Leather Condition and Fabric Protection. We present to you, Inner-Guard® Plus in 50 seconds:

 Ziebart Inner-Guard Plus

Scratch Removal -

Have a Ziebart professional remove those unsightly blemishes in your vehicle’s paint. Learn more in 26 seconds about our Scratch Removal process! 

 Ziebart Scratch Removal

Now that we’ve saved you some time, get in touch with a local Ziebart dealer for these terrific services and more! 


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