Blooming and Looming

May 26, 2017

A blooming flower is a wondrous sight to behold. The aesthetics, the smell, everything about it is enjoyable. Mold and mildew looming in your vehicle, not so much. With spring in full gear, things are starting to sprout and take shape. Some of those things aren’t nearly as enjoyable as others.

On average, at any given time, your vehicle can house an array of different forms of mold and mildew. Breadcrumbs, spilled milk, spilled coffee, French fries, that banana peel, all don’t simply dissipate when they hit the car floor or car seat. Those items are all biodegradable and take time to dissolve; that’s where mold enters the picture.

 Molds cause biodegration of natural or organic materials. Meaning, if it was alive, mold will thrive. Mildew is a form of a fungus, closely related to mold. The discernible difference between what is mold and what is mildew is in the color of the fungus. Mildew is white, mold is not. Both, however, work to make you and your passengers sick.

Our professional technicians use specialty tools and chemicals to not only kill the mold, mildew and bacteria floating around in your car, but keep those nasties out. With our Germ Defender® and Interior Detailing combined, 99% of germs are removed safely from your vehicle, and won’t return for an EPA approved minimum 90 days. Your car will look and feel like showroom new!

Don’t wait for the damage to be done. Your vehicle, if not cleaned regularly, is a haven for germs and mold. Make sure you and your family aren’t in harm’s way by having your vehicle cleaned and protected by the professionals at your local Ziebart! 

Germ Defender
(Blast away the bacteria, mold and mildew with our Germ Defender!)

Spring into action!

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