The Devil is in the Detailing

March 24, 2017

Life happens. Nowhere is that more apparent than inside your vehicle. Spills, dirt, salt, dog hair, mud, fallen foods, germs, bacteria, mildew and mold are the demons that combine to warrant a detailing. No worries though, Ziebart is here to help!

Once the professionals at Ziebart get done with your car it will look showroom new. They follow a very specific procedure using specialized proprietary tools to ensure your vehicle is properly cleaned. To fully vanquish those demons, summon our Inner-Guard® Plus Package which includes…

Ziebart Germ Defender®-

This is our odorless, colorless, non-toxic, long-lasting Germ Defender that works immediately to protect your vehicle from any unwanted bacteria strains or illnesses that way find their way in. This product is completely safe for the whole family, and the more it is used, the more efficient it becomes. 

Ultra Fabric Protection -

This compound adheres to all of the fibers in your car to help protect against dirt and stains. This means that any mess left after applying fabric protection will be easy to clean up.  Also, the invisible barrier coating can extend the life of your vehicle’s interior fabric.

Leather Seat Conditioner –

With our Leather Seat Conditioner, your seats will stay that soft, comfortable feel you love. It will not only be adding a level of comfort, but it will transform your seats back to their original showroom condition.

Detailing (Before)
(Before picture of a car detailing)

Detailing (After)
(After picture of a car detailing)

Don’t wait any longer to have our professionals clean your car. With their attention to detail and overall car inspection, they make sure the job is done right. With our specific procedure and top of the line proprietary tools, your car will shine as bright as the pearly gates!


Get in contact with your local Ziebart store for a clean car today!

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