Protection Perspective: Undercoating

March 10, 2017

There’s a reason we’ve been around for 57 years. Even more so, there’s a reason why we’ve been in the business of protecting vehicles from rust for over 57 years. When people think rust protection, they think of having their vehicle Ziebart'd. That's because we created rust protection and we’ve perfected it. We know there are other guys out there that apply their own kind of undercoating spray on vehicles. So, we just wanted to take a quick timeout to let everyone know why it is that people think Ziebart when they think undercoating or rust protection.

When it comes to undercoating, we use an abrasion resistant sealant that works to block out the moisture and salt from accumulating on your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas. If you’re looking for the best possible undercoating application, there’s nowhere else to go but Ziebart. It’s been brought to our attention that there are other places of business offering a spray-on, wax based formula for the underbody of vehicles. Spraying a waxed based solution underneath your vehicle is about as effective as holding up a piece of glass to prevent that bull from entering that china shop. It aint gonna happen, you’re not going to like the results and you’re going to wish you had something more effective.

Cleaning your car or truck regularly is a great thing. Having to regularly pay to have an undercoating wax sprayed onto your vehicle’s undercarriage is not a great thing. In fact, it should draw concern. Our application is a warrantied service with a simple once-a-year inspection and, if needed, touch ups. That’s it. There is no coming back every week or two weeks for reapplication and cleaning. Ours is designed tough to handle tough conditions. If you live in places like New York, Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana, you’ve grown all too familiar with the drastic changes in temperature throughout the year; especially in the winter time. Road salt wreaks havoc on vehicles and the amount of road salt some cities can use is ridiculous. Get yourself a ridiculously durable undercoating.

Here’s a quick rhyme to help you with any future concerns on what type of undercoating to get…

If it was sprayed on thin, it belongs in a trash bin. 

Undercoating (Before)
(See the difference for yourself)

Undercoating (After)

No one does it better. Not now, not ever.  

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