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February 24, 2017

We could sit here for days and talk about the effectiveness of our products. Actually, we pretty much have been doing that non-stop for the last 20,859 days. However, rather than take us on our word, we’d like to offer up the following example of how beneficial it is to add Ziebart undercoating to your vehicle.

The image included below came to us from a person who had taken it upon themselves to rebuild a 1984 Jeep CJ-7. They were gracious enough to show us the beginning stages of the rebuild and sent us the following picture. Now, keep in mind, this Jeep is 33 years old. The undercoating applied to the Jeep did the job and was able to preserve critical components as well as the frame of the Jeep. The picture shows the incredible condition of the frame once the undercoating was removed. It looks like new!

Jeep CJ-7 Underbody
(33 years of protection from the elements on that frame!)

This truly is protection that lasts. Our Ziebart undercoating acts as a barrier between the critical components of your vehicle’s underbody and whatever the road has to throw at it. Moisture can cause serious damage to your vehicle, and if you live where it snows, there’s a higher probability for that damage to occur. Don’t risk it! Protect your ride!

Contact your local Ziebart and allow the professionals to help preserve the value of your vehicle!

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