Stay Strong!

February 02, 2017

     It’s been one month since we all made our resolutions. While only about 58% of us made a resolution this year, after one month, of that 58%, only 58% of us are still going strong. Not sure what it is about the number 58, but it might as well be the jinx that plagues the success of the New Year’s Eve resolution foundation. If you’re one of the few still holding tight and making improvements in your life, kudos. On average, for those who made a resolution this year, the vast majority pledged to improve their health. Let’s take a look into how Ziebart can help with keeping your resolution going strong.

Interior Detailing –

     Nothing wrong with getting a car cleaning every once in a while. Whether or not you’re going strong with your resolution, you should still make it a point to try and prevent sickness and protect your health. With our Inner-Guard® PLUS package, our professionals will clean, restore, and protect your interior from the nasties floating around. With the Germ Defender® application included in the Inner-Guard PLUS package, we can have bacteria, mold, and germs removed and kept at bay for an EPA approved 90 days.

     Our detailing services are more than just vacuuming, stain removal, and upholstery scrubbing. The Ziebart Fabric Protection we offer actually coats the individual fibers found in your vehicle’s interior. To put it into perspective, other stain blocking products simply coat the top of your vehicle’s upholstery. If you were to spill a cup of coffee or cup of juice onto the upholstery and wipe the spill away, you’d be wiping the product away as well. Not with our fabric protection. Our product penetrates deep into your upholstery and adheres to your fabric on an individual level. This ensures that the product will continue to work even after the mess is cleaned up. With an Ultra Fabric Protection and Germ Defender application, your vehicle will be running with a clean bill of health!

Stay Strong

(Your freshly cleaned vehicle awaits!)



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