The Added Benefits of Having a Remote Starter

January 20, 2017

Remote car starters are great for warming up your car in these cold winter months and so much more! There are many other features and benefits that come along with having a Remote Car Starter. No one likes getting into a hot car any more than they like getting into a cold one, especially if your vehicle has a leather interior. Below are just a few of many additional benefits and features that come along with having a remote car starter.

Comfort -

This is the most basic and well known feature of the remote car starter, and in most people’s mind, the most important. Nothing is better than waking up in the morning, drinking your hot coffee and knowing that even though it’s freezing cold outside, with a click of a button, your car will be warm and cozy for your ride to work. Don’t forget about those scorching summer months either! With the same button, you can get your vehicle to a nice, cool temperature so you’re not sweating the whole way home.

Security -

One assumption made about the remote car starter is that once one is installed, the level of security decreases dramatically. This is completely false. In fact, remote starters can actually increase the security of your vehicle. One feature that can be added to a remote car starter is a car alarm. If someone were to attempt to break into a vehicle while that vehicle is remote started, the alarm will sound. Also, if the correct key is not used in the ignition when the brake pedal is pressed, then the vehicle will automatically shut off. Remote car starters aren’t just used for comfort, they can be used for extra security as well.

Safety -

Nothing is worse than having to scrape your windows on a freezing cold day. Sitting inside your vehicle waiting for it to warm up to defrost is no joy either. With the remote car starter, you don’t have to worry about waiting countless minutes for the ice to melt. Simply press the button and let your vehicle do the work, ensuring a clear windshield and safe drive to work every time. Another option is to leave the vehicle running while making a quick trip to the store. In the summer months, you should never leave an animal in a locked car that’s not running. It only takes 10 minutes for the temperature to increase to a dangerous level and cracking the windows isn’t enough. Don’t bother taking the risk when you can leave it running, locked and with the air conditioning on full blast!

Engine Care -

Everyone knows that proper engine maintenance is essential for proper vehicle care. When the temperatures are freezing outside, the necessary fluids inside the engine become more viscous, which causes the engine to work twice as hard for proper lubrication. Protect your engine this winter by investing in a remote car starter. You won’t regret it and neither will your car!

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