Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy?

January 12, 2017

Do you ever catch yourself day dreaming while driving? We all do it. Especially when you’re on your way home from a long day on the job and you can hear the couch calling your name. Overcome with that weird mix of exhaustion and excitement, you whip into your driveway, fly into the garage and all of a sudden…screech!!  You just side swiped your garage while pulling in. Dreams of napping abruptly crushed, you think of how bad the damage is and how much it will cost. Don’t worry, accidents happen. This particular accident was no piece of fiction though. The pictures included below are from a real life scenario where a customer actually side swiped their garage. Fortunately, it was a customer of ours with Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film.  

Second image is our PPF cut away to reveal no damage done to the paint
(First image is the totality of the damage. Second image is our PPF cut away to reveal no damage done to the paint!)

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) serves as a strong, durable, optically clear cover that helps protect your vehicle paint from accidents and mishaps. Our professionals here at Ziebart will cut the film to the exact measurements of your vehicle, ensuring all parts are covered. Your dreams of resting easy are starting to reappear when you realize all you have to do is call your local Ziebart store and make an appointment. Don't worry about the bill! Thanks to the Lifetime Limited Warranty that comes with our PPF, our professionals will replace the Z-Shield at no extra cost. We guarantee that with our PPF, your vehicle will look as good as the day the film was applied. 

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