Don’t be Left Feeling Salty

November 02, 2016

Calling all winter warriors! It’s time to start preparing for the takeover of snow and ice on the roads. Specifically around the wintertime, drivers must pay close attention to the conditions of the road to make sure they do not skid or slide. Thankfully, we have road salt to help keep the roads safe from snow and ice, but is it really helping our vehicles in the long run?

The purpose of having salt on the roads is to lower the freezing point of water, ultimately creating more traction between the vehicle and the road itself. However, that process leads to the collection of moisture on your vehicle. This is an issue because salt reacts with the metal of your vehicle, allowing for the corrosion process to begin. Since the metal used in most vehicles is iron, there is a higher chance for rust to occur. Iron oxide molecules start to expand because they take up more space than iron atoms. When carbon dioxide in the water combines with the iron to create iron hydroxide, a form of rust is created which separates from the base metal. The only way to prevent this process from spreading is to remove all the corrosion and provide a form of protection that will act as a barrier. Luckily, we have a barrier that does just that!

Not only is rust unappealing to the eye, but it can damage the critical parts of your vehicle that keep it up and running. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and rust free vehicle. After all, that’s how Ziebart has become synonymous with rust protection. Having been in business for over half a century, our trained professionals know a thing or two about how to properly apply a barrier on your vehicle to keep out that pesky moisture.

With Ziebart, your vehicle will be ready to fight the good fight against rust and protect itself from the future battles to come!

Cars Still Rust!
(Protect your asset from becoming damaged. Newer vehicles still rust!)

Contact your local Ziebart and protect your ride this winter! 


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