A Real Life Horror Story

October 12, 2016

Ghouls, ghosts, goblins and the ghastly will soon be making their appearance on our porch steps and in our schools across the country. Halloween is a time to indulge ourselves in the fantasy of dark and eerie happenings. We watch horror movies and share stories of evil creatures who lurk around, waiting for their opportunity to pounce on the unbeknownst victim. We would like to share a story with you about such creatures…

“The perfect predator is the one who goes unseen. Always patient and in complete understanding as to the importance of the element of surprise. There is no better advantage than that of absolute stealth.” – Unknown

The Vehicle Invasion-

Our story takes place in a household much like yours. Imagine a younger married couple with three small children ages 5, 7, and 9 years old. A family of five making their rounds for the day has to follow a specific agenda. It takes time, effort, and strategy to plan a successful day when there are so many factors to consider. Mindless, in a way, the routine has grown so natural that it doesn’t take a single thought or any consideration to complete. Oblivious to the dangers surrounding this young family, they press on. Ignorant to the true dangers waiting in the shadows.

In this morning routing, it eventually becomes time to drive the children to school. Holding their lunch boxes and book bags, they trot happily to the family’s SUV, ready for their short commute to school. Father departs in his car, waving farewell to his beloved wife and children. The children enter the vehicle with mom at the helm and they begin on their trek.

Giving full attention to the road ahead, the mother is startled by a thunderous noise that strikes from inside of the vehicle. “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” the 9 year-old suddenly bellows with vigor. Fear grips the mother like a fish in the talons of a hawk. She knows what’s to come. She begins to think what she could have done differently. Her mind is racing in trying to figure out how this could have happened. The child finishes his exclamation, “…CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” It’s too late. Helpless, the mother has succumb to the notion that she has failed to protect her child.

Her child has fallen victim to the threat lying hidden in their SUV; germs.

Everything Will Be Okay –

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. We know how terrifying that story must have been, so to calm your nerves, we offer up a solution, our Germ Defender®. It's the most effective way to offer protection from germs and bacteria for the interior of your vehicle. Once technicians protect your vehicle by applying our Germ Defender to make sure those harmful germs and bacteria won’t invade your vehicle. With an EPA approval to last a minimum of 90 days, Germ Defender is a powerful, yet odorless and colorless application that will puncture the walls of microbes, stopping germs in their tracks.

Stop the invasion! 

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