It’s Not about Being Flashy!

August 17, 2016

The benefits from protecting, restoring, and cleaning your vehicle can appear to be showy, but those are just the results of such benefits. It’s not about spoiling yourself or your vehicle when you have it cleaned or protected, it’s about ensuring the value of your vehicle is protected. Vehicles are built with zero rust, a clear coat free of abrasions, shiny paint, spotless interior seating, carpets without stains, clear headlights, and pristine windshields. Everything past the point of manufacturing is up to us, the vehicle owners, to keep our vehicles looking great. We understand that the value of our vehicles will decrease if we ignore our responsibilities and we must work to keep the value of our vehicles safe!

Taking into account the potential increase of the resale value for the vehicle with routine maintenance and protection services, spending money to ensure value is like spending money and getting money back. Essentially, you have spent money on an investment to ensure the value of that investment. The largest investment we make, typically, is purchasing a home. Many of us put our blood, sweat, and tears into remodeling, redesigning, and redoing a lot of different things to the home. We do so to either make the home habitable specific to our tastes, or to increase the value of the home in hopes of making more money once the home is sold. Let us do that for your car! Ziebart has made its name by protecting, restoring and cleaning vehicles. For the last 57 years, we’ve made it our business to keep the value of your vehicle protected.

Shiny cars are noticeable not because they're bathed in some magical oil, they're shiny because they are being taken care of. That's the difference! Nothing more, nothing less. The more you take care of a vehicle, the more likely it is to keep its showroom shine.

Chevy 2500
(It just looks so good!)


Remember, shiny does not mean showy. Protect your investment with Ziebart! 

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