It’s All in the Details: Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection

July 21, 2016

Dirt dulls. Thanks to imperfections in your vehicle’s clear coat, dirt is allowed to settle in nice and cozy, detracting from the once illustrious shine that held over your vehicle. In order to remove that dirt, you need a professional cleaning by a team of experts who know how to get that dirt out and keep it out. It’s one thing to have your car go through a car wash and another to have your car hand washed, polished and layered with Diamond Gloss Paint Protection. Which do you think will have your vehicle looking better?

Step 1 –

Remove that dirt. Running your vehicle through a hose and getting the surface of your vehicle clean sounds great, but actually having a team hand wash your vehicle is a much better option. Our professionals are trained to remove dirt, tar, grease, grime and other types of residue trapped in the microscopic imperfections plaguing your vehicle’s clear coat. They also clean and dress your tires, chrome, trim, and wheels to make sure your entire vehicle is looking clean. Once those nasties are removed, we begin the process of protecting your now shiny vehicle.

Step 2 –

Protect that shine. Once the vehicle has been cleaned, the next step is applying our paint protection coating to make sure those imperfections in the clear coat don’t fill up with undesirables again. This coating acts as a buffer between your vehicle and whatever the road has to throw at it. Now that the empty space is occupied with our paint protection, it’s time to go out and show the world how great your vehicle looks!

(Shiny and looking new thanks to our Diamond Gloss!)

Our Diamond Gloss is the absolute best in the industry in terms of protecting your vehicle’s paint from harmful elements and restoring that beautiful shine. Backed by our nationwide warranty, Diamond Gloss locks in that perfect look and eliminates the need for wax.

Have your vehicle looking clean and pristine!

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