It’s All in the Details: Scratch and Scuff Repair

June 22, 2016

No one’s perfect. Sure, we try our best to avoid making mistakes, but mistakes happen. Somethings we can’t control! We work to resolve those blunders best we can in hopes of correcting any wrongdoings. That’s the same mindset we have around here when it comes to fixing those mistakes in your vehicle’s paint. Paint damage, much like some things in life, happen by accident but can be fixed!

Scratch and Scuff Repair –

No longer must you resign yourself to the look of swirl marks, “spider web” scratches, clear coat haze or minor scratches. No longer will the gaudiness of those imperfections tug at your heartstrings and toy with your emotions. No longer must you endure. Those blemishes are now a thing of the past with our Scratch and Scuff Repair. The list below shows what exactly it is we can fix.

Ziebart Scratch and Scuff Repair can help fix damage caused by:

  •             Car washes
  •             Road debris
  •             Imperfect waxing or paint conditioning
  •             Clear coat distortion
  •             Day-to-day ‘dings’ or mistakes
  •             Everyday problems!

The first cut is always the deepest, but with Ziebart, the pain won’t last! 

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