Do Something Special for Someone Super

June 15, 2016

Going above and beyond for our customers is nothing new to us. We go the extra mile to make sure our customers’ experiences at our stores is past their usual expectations of a business. Making sure that they are taken care of and having them know how important they are to us is imperative. We pride ourselves in providing the best in service and customer experience for the long run. The same can be said for the dads out there. The good ones constantly go above and beyond, making sure their kids are taken care of, year after year. Never asking for thanks, but understanding their role and doing it to the utmost best of their ability. That’s a pretty super thing if you ask us.

Our Super Services Are Here to Save the Day! -

Doing something special for someone special is always a rewarding feeling. The best part about giving, is the reaction given by the recipient. Over the years, we have developed a keen sense of truth when it comes to those reactions. We can decipher when a person is legitimately happy and when they may be a little disingenuous. No worries here though! Buy your dad anything from a detailing to window tint and we know he won’t be able to hide that true smile. If your dad loves his car, he’s going to love his car even more once our professionals get their hands on it.

If his vehicle has already been serviced by one of our stores, then he already knows about the great work we do. You can still get him that great detailing or window tint if you’d like, but we’d like to serve up another option. How about buying him the gift of his own choosing? Have him select whichever service he would like done by gifting him a gift card to Ziebart. He can pick from a list of services we offer, all designed to clean, restore or protect. 


Whatever you decide to do for Father’s Day this year, we hope it warms the old man’s heart. We’re only given one father in our lifetime, so do all you can to show how much he means to you. Even if he’s a little stubborn or detached at times, still make sure he’s swarmed with love and affection. He deserves it!  

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