Good Things Come in Threes

June 09, 2016

Some say the best things in life are three. (Just go with it). We appreciate and understand the idiom because we’ve built our detailing services around the same idea. It’s our job to make sure that our customers have an amazing experience when getting their vehicle back after a detailed cleaning. The surprised look of jubilation from our customers is made possible by offering three important dynamics into the detailing process.

Cleaning –

It goes without saying that a detailed vehicle cleaning should entail some level of cleaning. Step 1 is the most obvious, and also the most noticeable; clean the vehicle.  A major part of that look of excitement we were referring to is based off aesthetics. Our customers see how clean their vehicle has become and are excited with the results. Happens all the time here! The different exterior detailing and interior detailing packages we offer will take your ride from dirty to DANG in no time.

Restoration –

With our detailing services also comes restoration. Imagine the first day that you picked up your new vehicle. The clean and spotless shine of the vehicle paint had you giddy and excited to take home and drive your new ride. We bring that excitement back to your vehicle by restoring the shine and beauty your vehicle once had. Relive that initial connection with your vehicle all over again by allowing us to restore the before.

Our exterior detailing packages that help restore your vehicle to the way it looked before include services such as Hi-Speed Polishing, Clay Paint Restoration, Scratch and Scruff Repair, Headlight Cover Restoration and Windshield Chip Repair. All of them live up to their name. Restoring your vehicle’s appearance could mean removing scuffs and scratches from the paint or getting rid of that unsightly moisture trapped inside your vehicle’s headlights. Whatever it may be, we can fix it!

Protection –

The final step in our detailing process is to help prevent damages to your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Our Inner-Guard PLUS protection package not only cleans and restores your vehicle to its former self, but it can also help keep those germs and bacteria away from you and your passengers. It’s far better to protect you and your passengers from the germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and microbes found in your vehicle than to do nothing and end up sick! Unlike most products, the Germ Defender® application used in the Inner-Guard package increases through general wear and tear. Normal cleaning actually improves the product’s ability to prevent bacteria and germs from setting in your vehicle! Germ Defender also comes with an EPA approval to last a minimum of 90 days. It continues to fight off germs and keep your passengers protected, even after you have had your vehicle detailed. Just another reason for our customers to smile.

When it comes to vehicle protection, we offer the absolute, industry leading best paint protection formula. Our Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection works with your vehicle’s paint to restore the sheen it once had. This allows for a beautiful shine, but also for added protection. It’s not called Diamond Gloss Paint Protection for nothing! Thanks to our unique formula, we have invented a type of product that restores your vehicle’s paint and then protects it buy filling in any voids left in the clear coat. Weather and the sun can have an effect on a vehicle’s clear coat by creating microscopic voids in the clear coat. Those voids become filled with dirt and moisture, leading to further damage done to your vehicle’s appearance. Our Diamond Gloss fills those voids, restoring the sheen and adding protection from the weather and sun. 


(The sun can do damage to your vehicle’s clear coat)

Clearcoat Restored

(Diamond Gloss fills the microscopic voids in the clear coat, restoring and adding protection!)

The only thing brighter than the sun that damages your vehicle’s paint and interior seating, will be the smile you have once our Diamond Gloss is applied to your ride and Inner-Guard PLUS is protecting your interior. Protection from damage to your vehicle will have anyone happy to have dropped their ride off at Ziebart.

Contact your local Ziebart for the detailing trinity!  

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