Beware of the Barrels

May 25, 2016

It was 227 years ago that Benjamin Franklin famously wrote in a letter to Congress ‘…in this life nothing can be said for certain, expect death, taxes, and road construction.’ We’re paraphrasing here so it might not be the exact quote. Regardless, when those orange barrels start to occupy 50% of the roads around your neighborhood, we hope you consider protecting your vehicle’s appearance.


Automotive appearance and structural protection are two things we know best around here. Our Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film (PPF) is one of the ways we protect your vehicle’s appearance from whatever the road has to throw at it. With construction season in full gear, the road can quite literally be tossed at your ride. Loose gravel or cement kicked up from the vehicle ahead of you can have a damaging impact on the appearance of your vehicle. Check out the photo below for some graphic imagery on what small rocks or loose gravel can do to a vehicle’s clear coat.   

Rock Chips in Clear Coat

(Rock chips in the clear coat of a hood. Don’t mind the Ziebart service professional taking the picture!)

Those small rocks may seem non-threatening in stature, but once they are kicked up at a high speed, damage can be seen throughout your vehicle. With PPF from Ziebart, we protect your vehicle’s clear coat by adding an almost invisible barrier between you and the road. Our films are cut to your vehicle’s exact measurements, covering and protecting the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. With an industry-leading warranty, our paint protection film is guaranteed to leave your vehicle looking as good as the day it was applied!

Learn more about protecting your paint from a professional! 

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