The Latest and Greatest in Window Film!

May 18, 2016

For the past 57 years, we have made it our mission to be the industry leader in automotive protection and appearance services and products. The newest entry cast into our lofty repertoire of game changing products and services is the Nano Ceramic Performance (NCP) window film. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that the absolute best in current technology and product development has to offer.

Benefits –

When we say game changer, we mean it. Fortunately, this game changer can change the way your car feels on the inside without changing the appearance of your vehicle. Change for the better, right? NCP is designed as a non-reflective shadow color that will not interfere with your vehicle’s connection to the outside world or adjust the appearance unfavorably. We offer this film in 8 different shades, all designed for your personal level of style and privacy. Ranging from nearly invisible all the way to limo tint, you decide on which level of Visible Light Transmission (VLT) you feel comfortable with. Remember, VLT is the percentage of sunlight let into the vehicle. The higher the VLT percentage, the lighter the window tint. For instance, a “clear” window film is at 80% VLT and a limo tint VLT is at 5%.

This is the best film in the industry when it comes to heat rejection and blocking out those nasty UVA, UVB, and infrared rays. Our NCP film is designed to absorb and reflect UV and Infrared rays that would otherwise heat up your vehicle to an uncomfortable level. With greater heat reduction and heat absorption than other window films, your drive will become a more comfortable and pleasant experience in the summer months. Without any protection, not only does your vehicle turn into a 4-wheeled oven, but the harm brought on by UV and infrared rays can lead to irreversible damage done to you and your passengers as well as your vehicle’s interior.

Most skin cancers are a direct result of exposure to the UV rays in sunlight. Both basal cell and squamous cell cancers tend to be found in sun-exposed parts of the body, and their occurrence is typically related to lifetime sun exposure.* Don’t bother with the increased exposure to harmful UV rays, have window tint applied to your vehicle. What was that? You already have a factory window tint applied to your vehicle? Unfortunately, factory window tint cannot guarantee blocking out 99% of harmful UV rays like our window film can.

Speaking of guarantees, our window film comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty not only makes sure that your window tint will continue to look great, but also ensures that it is being worked on by the top professionals in the industry. Our technicians undergo extensive training to make sure our window film application is at the pinnacle of professionalism. It’s one thing to have the best and latest in window film technology and another to have the best in the business installing it!

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