It’s all in the Details: Leather Conditioner

May 11, 2016

Driving around in a vehicle with leather seating is flat-out terrific. Some of us are fortunate enough to enjoy the soft and comfortable feel of leather seating daily. Leather seating adds a certain level of dstinguishability to your vehicle and can enhance the driving experience. For those that have it, upkeep and maintenance on the luxurious interior is a must. Routine care is essential in ensuring the leather seats stay newer looking without the fading and cracking that can ruin even the highest quality of leather seating.

Don’t Let the Sun Shine Down on Me –

Besides everyday use and whatever mishaps may occur in your vehicle, leather seating can be affected by the elements and that big old yellow blob in the sky. Protect the leather from the weather. Over time, exposure to the sun and heat can lead to cracks and fading. Ziebart leather conditioner is designed to keep leather seats looking new while preventing unsightly changes to color and texture.

Peace of Mind –

As we stated earlier, leather seating demands routine upkeep. Constantly having to maintain your interior to avoid damage can be cumbersome. Believe it or not, we have a solution! Come into Ziebart for our leather conditioner for a certain peace of mind. One application of our conditioner can last up to six months, ensuring your vehicles seats and surfaces look and feel their best.

See the Difference for Yourself –

The vehicle in the picture below has been serviced by one of our stores and has been given the leather conditioner. First, we’d like to brag about removing that nasty stain and cleaning the vehicle. Second, look at that interior! You can imagine how excited this car owner was when they came back and picked up their vehicle only to see the rejuvenated leather seating. It’s a complete transformation! 

Ziebart leather conditioner

Experience the ultimate level of professional detailing. Whether leather or not, our technicians will restore your vehicle’s interior and exterior in a way that will leave you feeling like you just bought a new ride.

See for yourself! 


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