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April 21, 2016

Ziebart International Corporation is proud to work with Journey 4 A Cure and join their fight against pediatric cancer. Journey 4 A Cure is a Pediatric Cancer foundation committed to increasing awareness about the realities of pediatric cancer, finding ways to fund research, and enhancing the loves of children battling cancer.

The Journey –

No parent ever wants to hear the words…

“Your child has cancer.”

But it’s the words that may follow that no parent should ever have to hear…

“There is no known cure.”

In August 2010, Declan Carmical lost his battle with pediatric cancer, just eight days shy of his 1st birthday. Declan’s fighting spirit and smile live on in the lives of many. The Journey began with a child’s smile, continued though the love of a community, and will end with a cure.

The Mission –

Journey 4 A Cure is a pediatric cancer foundation committed to finding ways to fund research, increase awareness about the realities of pediatric cancer and enhance the lives of children battling cancer.

The iPad Program –

Kids love iPads. The fun and entertainment value provided by iPads are one thing, but a more important role is reserved for these tablets of technological triumphs; an education. Children who are battling cancer are often tied up between hospitals visits and over nights stays. It is difficult for these children to develop necessary skills and stay on track with their academics. iPads are able to bridge the gap left between the hospital and the classroom. Not only are iPads great for learning, they also help the children with communication between their family and friends. This program was implemented to bring a smile to the faces of those who fight a difficult and taxing fight every day.

The following video was created to hep spread the message and show the impact of pediatric cancer. Our team has become inspired by Declan and every other story we've heard. 


Keep up-to-date with J4AC by checking out their website! You can also check them out on their Facebook and Twitter pages. 


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