It’s All in the Details: Aquapel’s Windshield Rain Repellant Treatment

April 13, 2016

You should never have to squint your eyes while driving in a rain storm. Slowing down and being cautious is acceptable, but limited visibility because of your windshield is not. Aquapel’s Rain Repellant Treatment makes for a safe and fascinating driving experience that’s easy on the eyes. No, seriously, watching that water bead off your windshield is a beautiful sight to behold. Sure, your windshield wipers may become somewhat upset as the dependency you once had on them dwindles, but oh well, it’s time you started seeing clearly.

Day or Night, Improve Your Sight! -

Better visibility from a windshield treatment is not just limited to driving in a rain storm. The glare and prism effects experienced during night time driving will reduce significantly as well. Being able to see the road clearly can mean the difference between averting an accident and causing one. Reducing glare and prism effects from night time driving betters your response time and helps you identify any obstacles on the road. We do our best to drive safely and avoid any troubles on the road, let Ziebart add to your safety measures by increasing your visibility.

Designed to Last –

This is no cheap, over-the-counter windshield treatment. The formula we use is designed to last long and maintain the same efficacy it displayed on day one. It’s effective because it is designed to bond with the glass on your windshield, not just cover it. This level of protection aids not only in simply improving your vision, but also allows easy removal of snow, ice, dirt, and bugs. With just one application, you will experience amazing visibility in poor weather conditions without the need for another treatment for at least six months.

Want to SEE what we’re talking about? Click the link and find out for yourself! 


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